Copyright Disclaimer

Respected users,

Wakuoo has always attached great importance to the protection of intellectual property rights and has consistently complied with intellectual property laws, regulations, and other legally binding normative documents of the People’s Republic of China. Wakuoo believes that the copyright of copyright owners should be respected and protected by the law, and resolutely opposes any behavior that violates the laws and regulations of the People's Republic of China on copyright.

No copyright infringement intended. All PC game resources on Wakuoo are collected from content uploaded by third-party users on the Internet and are under fair use. They are not developed or published by Wakuoo and are for entertainment purposes among users only. Please do not use the resources for commercial purposes. Wakuoo believes the copyright of the game works belongs to the original author. If you believe there is a copyright issue, please send an email to us with your copyright certificate attached, and our platform will delete it at your request.

If you find that someone else has shared your copyrighted games on the Internet without your consent, please contact us. To protect the legitimate rights and interests of you and other game copyright holders (i.e., right holders) from infringement, Wakuoo follows the relevant provisions of the Copyright Law of the People’s Republic of China, the Regulations on the Protection of the Right of Information Network Communication, and the relevant provisions of the Wakuoo User Agreement. It is agreed to promptly take down the game and delete related content and other resources. If you want to experience more fun in the games, please support the Genuine.

To submit a copyright takedown request:

1. Please provide:

  • Your official game download link and related screenshots.
  • Materials including but not limited to the copyright certificate, trademark certificate, patent right certificate, etc. of the work, and the copy of your company's business license (scanned copies are approved for all the above) Please elaborate on your complaint and attach the files above to the email [email protected]

2. If there is no software copyright certificate for your work and you do not own a company business license, please provide a valid game download link and relevant screenshots/resources to prove you are the legitimate owner of the work, elaborate on your complaint and attach the files above to the email [email protected]

After confirmation of the copyright ownership, we will remove the game at your request within 3 business days.


1. The software resources provided by Wakuoo are for research use only among users, and the copyright distribution belongs to the issuing company. No organization or individual may disseminate or use it for any commercial purposes, otherwise, all consequences will be borne by the organization and individual! We will not bear any legal and joint liability.

2. If any organization or individual finds that any software or material on Wakuoo infringes your copyright, please contact us and provide legal proof materials. We will check the relevant copyright information and immediately remove the relevant infringing content.

3. No gambling advertisements are recommended in Wakuoo. Do not join any community or personal links provided in the software. Wakuoo does not assume the responsibility of users for any form of loss or harm to themselves or others caused by downloading resources on the Wakuoo platform.